The Den of Elari

The girl in my dreams has returned

My cousin came over, I haven't seen her in 7 years. She has grown so much (she is my size, and IM VERY SHORT for my age 😭🙏, I am about 4'9, soooooo)

She stayed over for the night, so did her mom and my tio. My parents offered them their room to sleep in, so my parents slept in my room. Awkward.

Yeah, I didn't sleep well because MOM kept snoring. Seriously, I could hear her going HOOONK SHOOOOO, LIKE?! AND SHE SAYS MY DAD SNORES I DIDNT HEAR A SINGLE PEEP FROM HIM

Yeah, Sunday school started, and I didn't know it was palm Sunday until the very last minute, there were some volunteers giving out small stands of palm leaves. I was hiding in a corner outside I the church, since for some reason they decided to do it outside today. I just looked around, and made eye contact with this dude from school. Infact, many of my classmates were there.

Well, my cousin left, and NOW IM AT A STADIUM!? I'm currently watching a soccer match between Mexico and the United States, the whole family is here, even my Grandpa. People are chanting around me and im kinda joining in on the fun too, even though soccer isn't really my cup of tea...

But it's really fun! I should be watching the game instead of typing this out on my phone. Like, MY MOM THINKS IM TEXTING MY FRIENDS 😭🙏