The Den of Elari


I like pokemon

I mean- just look at the blog 😭, I think it's pretty obvious who my favorite character is (Silver, I can make a whole separate post ranting about him).

I haven't caught up on the new series that was released last year. I stopped around that episode where Pikachu sneezes for being called cute (that's all I remember about it LOL). I'm planning on getting caught up soon just give me until Summer break. But I love the characters so much! My favorite out of them is Dot, Dot is so me with all the tech stuff and social awkwardness.

I didn't really care about it until I saw a Twitter post and it was someone I follow there freaking out about Rika being on the show, Bro I started freaking out too! I love Rika!

Hmm, I kinda wanna buy the manga. I think the manga is probably my favorite thing in the entire franchise followed by the games and trading cards. As much as I enjoy the manga I never got the opportunity to buy a box set yet. But I do have a couple of games and a whole binder of Pokemon cards. I have Pokemon Diamond, Y, Legends Arceus, and Violet. I played the rest of the games by emulating them on my phone! Sure it overheats but hey if it works it works (the back of my phone pops off now)

OH I also have a lot of plushies too, and I got them for really cheap! I was at a garage sale and I saw a Froakie inside a box, and then I saw a Dragonite, and then two Pikachus, and then I saw more Pokemon plushies in another box, it was a dream come true! And they were all for a dollar. There were about 20 plushies there and you bet I bought every single one! I like the Cyndaquill one A LOT, seriously I never let go of it when I'm in my room, he's always there with me. I named him Jared.

I also have like 4 of those viz magazine comics of it? Idk I bought them at a garage sale as well back in 2016, The dude who was selling them was still a fan of the series and was selling his old collection. He and I kinda went on a little rant about pokemon

I still remember my very first Pokemon card, it was a Floete and I think I still have it. I'll post some pictures of it here later. Maybe I'll post my entire collection too!

Completely out of topic but there are only 2 more weeks until school is over. Since I run this blog on the stupid Chromebook I dont know how I'm going to post here or make any progress on the other projects I'm working on, I might have to resort to using my Purple laptop. Still trying to figure out how to make the numbers on that thing work but if there's a will there is a way!