The Den of Elari


I went to my favorite place today! Church!

But my Comfirmation teacher wasnt there today, I was hoping on asking her what color she wanted the beads for her 20 decade rosary, but she was taking care of her sick husband and taking care of the kids. Prayers to her!

But uhh... we merged with this other class, and they were kinda chill? We were playing a game about what we were going to give up for lent. Everyone just got in a circle and told us what they were going to give up for lent, and if it was impossible for us to give that up then we would put a finger down until one person remained. No one won because the teacher stopped the game and made us read the bible

This is going to be my first ever lent.. and to be honest im kinda lost? because i dont know what to give up exactly, beccause i've given up a lot of things when i decided to become catholic again.. Maybe i can give up playing video games.. or? Spending less time on my phone.. Or maybe giving up chocolate... Nah, the chocolate one is too hard , i cant survive without chocolate

I'm preparing some candy bags for valentines day for my friends.. and its so fun making these tiny candy filled bags! Im adding a caprisun as well! Oh! Maybe ill bring cupcakes? Or maybe I can give that one cute dude in my English class TWO cupcakes... hes so gorg... AAAAAAA