The Den of Elari

laptop go bye bye

Well, I was ecstatic to post something here yesterday! but there was a problem

My laptop was normal at first, running normally, until all of a sudden the numbers didn't appear on the screen... I thought 'OH! This must be some glitch, I'll just restart it.' but no. No matter how many times I restarted that purple thing the numbers didn't work!

Well, maybe if I just use a USB keyboard and check if that works! and that didn't work either. So now I'm running this blog on the crappy school Chromebook and they can see everything I do on it....sooooo. I have to be more careful about the things I post here because there is a possibility that I might get a trip to the counselor's office if I say any of the buzz words :D

OH! this is reminding me of that time when I got sent to the counselors over my English essay... and let me tell you, the counselor is OBSESSED with minions, the amount of minions she had in her room makes my pokemon collection look like nothing! I bet she was giggling and kicking her feet when the new Despicable Me movie was announced!

There is also a second counselor and she is obsessed with Corgi's (not as much as the minion counselor tho) and the room is so cozy too! there is a squishmallow and a sofa in there! AND A LAMP! I bet a nap in there would be heavenly! Kinda thinking about it... most of the teachers here love Corgi's... Did every single Corgi-loving teacher look at this school and say 'Yes! This is the perfect place for me to get a job!'... but I think that corgi-loving counselor doesn't wanna be here, and neither does her husband lol...