The Den of Elari


Dennys is very good

I like going there, I like the pancakes and the sweets they have on the menu! My mommy, brothers and I went Saturday! I love going with them, and I love talking to them while we wait for the food.

Nothing weird happened while we ate at a restaurant, but it was different this time. There were like 4 police officers interrogating some old man! And everyone was quiet or looking, trying to figure out what happened! And to be honest I was doing the same! Like, let me know the tea!?

Yeah, never figured out what the old man did to get interrogated like that, but inside a Dennys? That's the last thing I expect to see at 10 am on a Saturday while I'm trying to eat my pancakes!

My mom kept showing me the dresses she had on her Amazon cart, She kept showing me some white dresses on there because I needed to buy a confirmation dress, or they wouldn't confirm me

ALSO, apparently the youth group leaders need to interview us!? I dont even know what I'm supposed to say, I'm cooked! The only thing I remember are the 10 commandments!? But hey they're gonna ask us why we want to get confirmed, I already know how I'm going to answer that, and that's by telling them my entire life story!

Nah but fr, I have to pass that interview because if I dont I'm not getting confirmed, and I spent like 2 years of my life getting prepared for it.