The Den of Elari


Let me start by saying that i havent been taking care of myself in these past few months

Seriously, everything seems to drain my energy now, i dont want to get up from bed or brush my teeth anymore, just doing that is a chore. When i do brush my teeth i feel so happy! I did something!!

Last time i told my mom about this she just said "Why wont you do chores, itll get those thoughts out of your head." but thats also hard. Im worried for myself to be honest and i dont even know whats making me like this. Maybe its because of denial? The fear of getting kicked out? or not feeling loved enough by these people i call a family.

Yeah, well i got up late because of that game, we got home very late because we wanted to eat at this restaurant only to be told that it closed an hour ago!? and the neon sigh with the word "OPEN" on it was sill blinking.... I slept, and got up at like 7:15, on the drive to school mom mom told me that she has realized that i havent been brushing my teeth often, so she asked me why. I didnt want to tell her the real reason because she would only say the same thing she always does, so i told her "idk, i think something is sucking the life out of me." Welp my mom thinks that i have some condition thats probably gonna kill me, so shes gonna book a doctors appointment...