The Den of Elari


Um so the dog came back?

What was he even doing during the past few days? How dd he find his way back? What was he doing!? and why did he run away last saturday!?

I swear this dog is immortal... the last time something like this happened the dog never came back,infact, a tornado took the dog away and i vivibly remember him flying around like a fairy as he disapeared into the night sky.

No because what did the dog even do anyways? Did he just thing "OH ima go explore a bit" and left for an entire week just to look around? My brothers hates the dog! infact, he wants the dog GONE because the dog scared the stray black cat that would chill at out porch. I miss her too tho, I wish she was here.

I miss my soledad

Well there's nothing we can do now, the last time we saw her was a month ago when my dad brought the dog here. My dad thought the dog and the cat would be besties, but no, the dog would just bark at the stray cat and even chase her around to kill her.

Where are you soledad? i miss you