The Den of Elari

Oh no she is back

remember the last post about that weird dream girl that tried to choke me a couple nights ago?

well, she is back again! But this time, she's not trying to CHOKE me. No, no, she's trying to SEDUCE me!?!?

i dont even know what to do about this weird dream girl but she better back off cuz i aint into any of that stuff, but at the same time, its kinda tempting to give in to her advances as a part of me wants to but a part of me refuses to because it knows that this girl has a hidden agenda.

Like, im literally starting to loose sleep over this girl, like what if i wake up and shes right there? looking at me? its scary, everything anout this is kinda scary

So im about to go sleep now, but i dont want to, what if she appears the second I close my eyes? so i grabbed my bible and my rosary and put them under my bed just in case.

I also sprinkled a little bit of holy water aound my bed and did a night prayer. Hopefully she aint there, but who knows, maybe she'll stop being weird amd bring some tea?