The Den of Elari

Easter Sunday

today is easter, Jesus is risen!

y'all won't believe it... MY PARENTS WENT TO CHURCH WITH ME!! to be honest I expected them to go to the park again but I was happy! Finally, my prayers have been heard

Things went on smoothly! But the church was more crowded than usual so we had to be standing up for most of it. when it was time to kneel my LEGS WERE SHAKING, THEY WERE BURNING, I COULDNT SPEND ANOTHER MINUTE so I stood up again, and then kneeled again, and then stood up again, kneeled again, stood up again. Next time im bringing a pillow to kneel on because there is no way im going through that again.

Yeah, I was waiting for the spiritual communion prayer to be said. That's when my parents asked me if I was going to take the eucharist. I said I could, because im in a state of mortal sin, and that im gonna have to go to confession to receive it. Well, my loving mother pressured me to go up and take it, but I refused. My parents said that if im not gonna receive it, then why was I even at church to begin with? We then left.

When I was helping my mom in the kitchen I asked her a question

"Did you ever take me to mass when I was younger"

She answered along these lines: "Yes, but then we stopped taking you and your brother." I asked why. "Because we were scared of you two going to the wrong path".

"What do you mean by that mom?" I said

"We didn't want the two of you to become a priest or a nun."

NO WAY THEY STOPPED GOING BECAUSE OF THAT. What's even funnier is thay by that time 6 year old I WAS SET on being a nun. Like the younger me just said, "im gonna be a nun". So it's safe to say that their plan failed. LOL

I told her about how my younger self wanted to be a nun. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me dead in the eyes. And asked me what on earth was going through my head at that age. I wonder too, mother.