The Den of Elari

Holy water font. plus some updates?

I got a holy water font from church!

There was this guy from Bethlehem at mass today, he was selling some carved wooden statues near the front to raise money to support the chrustian communities back in his home place! Let me tell you man, the statues were so pretty! there was a huuge St. Michael statue and i wanted it so badly! but my parents probably wouldnt allow me to have such a large one..

I was looking at the other stuff he had, he had rosaries, holy water from the Jordan river, even some Holy soil? never knew that was a thing! Thats when something caught my eye, a holy water font that could be hung on a wall. It was exactly what i needed! I bought it, went to the pews and sat down.

Mass was nice. My parent's didn't go (as always) but theyre telling me that they MIght go to mass with me next week. I hope they do! I wanna be with my parents!

Then we went to McDonalds and ate those hotcakes.

Anyway, i havent posted for the last few days because i finally have the break to start working on the Willpower Project. I'm trying to make a good, aesthetically pleasing theme for the site since the one i have for it right now is literally just this one but inverted lol, but im working on it! This is such an exciting thing to work on, and im passionate about it as well, as i also struggled with addiction myself (That'll be a post for another day)