The Den of Elari


I'm free! Im finally free!

I'm done with all my work, i am free from the chains of this miserable school! at last, i can finally rest. No more teachers, no more people, no more schoolwork! Only one more day before spring break! and freedom!

I feel happy! I am at my peak! Anyways, The prayer book that i bought on amazon came to my friends house yesterday and she wanted to read it because it had golden edges. I didn't know it had golden edges... when i finally got it it looked so pretty! Anyways that day my friends Art project didn't turn in, and this girl started reading the prayers from front to back, she read the whole thing so it could turn in. I think she spend like an hour or so reading form it until it finally turned in...

After that we played akinator on call. I chose a bunch of pokemon characters and she had to guess which one it was. We only got to play two rounds... the two characters I picked were Carmine and N. I love Carmine, she is so pretty. I love her sm