The Den of Elari

The girl in my dreams has returned

What is she even doing?

She tries to pin me down! It’s scary! Who even is this girl and what does she want from me? Luckily i haven’t been experiencing sleep paralysis, feeling something pinning me down in my sleep would be absolutely horrifying.

So what she does is hug me, just giving physical affection and such, until she suddenly pulls a whole 180 and pins me dow, looking down at me with pure hatred. Any attempt to break free from her grasp fails.

She keeps saying things.

”Why don’t you love me?”

”I know you want this”

Like girl bye, why are you being so cryptic, just get to the point!

This happens for what feels like hours, until she wraps her soft hands around my neck, and squeezes….

To be honest I think these dreams keep occurring because of my desire for physical affection… It makes sense looking back at my early years. Mom and dad didn’t hug me often… They hug me now more than ever since the counselor called them back in October.