The Den of Elari



ive been a bad bad student

well, i lost my id. i dont even know where it is, but its somewhere in my room, the issue is that its an absolute mess rn because of the thousands and thousands of water bottles in my room (theres only like 3). I couldnt find it and had to go through my entire room just to look for it. Nothing. I tried to find my spare id and it wasnt even there eighter. great, im cooked.

Thats when one of my friends-friend said they had a spare id. Well, here i am now with an ID that doesnt even belong to me. Elari who? Elari does not exist anymore, she is gone for today!

Lets just hope that none of the teachers catch me because if they do im cooked. Straight to ISS, but it doesnt matter because they send people to ISS regardless.

I remember when they gave out paper ID's man, that was such a slay but then they got rid of them and that was not a slay. Most of the rules they have are a bit too much. No ID? you can starve! They have literal signs saying no food if you dont have an ID, AND EVEN IF SOMEONE DOESNT HAVE AN ID THE STUDENT CAN JUST SAY THEIR ID NUMBER, BUT SUDDENLY THEY CANT? maaaaan.