The Den of Elari


Don't we all feel.. unloved by our parents sometimes?

Like, you feel that you can't express yourself around them? because they have so much disdain for your interests? So you just sit alone in your room, doing your own thing? Sometimes I go back to my room immediately after eating... if I feel like I can't be my authentic self with them then why ever be around them?

I had my headphones on and was deep in prayer when all of a sudden I heard slamming at my door. Mom needed me to bring the towels to my brothers, but she thought I was on that damn Xbox... I only had it on, of course...

My mom already knows that I pray,, but now for how long... I pray all the 20 decades of the rosary, it takes about an hour to complete, but I follow a 47-minute video to make things a bit faster... I only truly felt safe when in prayer, With God I can tell him everything. He knows everything about me, even in regards to my bisexuality

>Sure wished i would say the same about my mom

Well, my mom sometimes has these times where she says things like "IM GONNA THROW AWAY YOUR STUFF", "You're A GIRL YOU SHOULDNT BE PLAYING VIDEO GAMES!", and even the good old "YOURE SO LAZY! WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WHEN I'M DEAD?" Woman, can you please not remind me that you aren't immortal?

OH! BY THE WAY! I MIGHT HAVE LOST A FRIEND! IS THIS WEEK SO AMAZING!!! I will post about it later tho, gotta pray all over again cuz I lost my progress)