The Den of Elari


I dont like attending events at my old primary school…

I feel uneasy when I enter that place, I don't have any good memories in there. The teachers would be downright abusive. Except her, my 1st grade teacher. My younger self expected her to scold me, call me worthless, or something along those lines, but instead, she was kind, and tender, unlike my Kindergarten teacher

My kindergarten teacher, her name was Mrs. Terran. She seemed nice when I first saw her, I complimented her the first time I saw her, she was a beautiful woman. I was excited to start Kindergarten, little did I know how terrible things would go.

In the first days, she was kind, very kind, maybe a bit too kind. A week in, and that's where it started, the mental and physical abuse that lasted for the entire time.

She threatened us, stating that if we ever told anyone about the abuse she would stab us all. My classmates and I never said anything about it and kept our mouths shut. The abuse would get worse, This psychopath of a teacher stabbed my friend in the hand, I will never forget that, that image is forever engraved in my mind. He still has a scar on his hand.

There was this boy she hated a lot, let's call him Al, he probably got the worst out of all of us, to be honest, he got hit, humiliated, everything you can think of! Poor guy, but he and I joke about the abuse a lot in my second-period class. We both agree that that teacher was the reason why our lives went downhill!

I was just there, I didn't want to be abused like my peers, so I drew her some art and gave it to her every day, she was overjoyed! My plan was in motion, if I gave her some drawings, maybe ill be saved from the abuse, the funny thing is that it worked! At least for a while.

One day I was talking to some girl next to me, and we were talking about how insane this lady was! Well, she ended up overhearing our little conversation, and I was the one who ended up being punished! She made me sit in front of the class on this desk held my hands from behind my back, and squeezed very hard. To be honest it wasn't even that bad, it just tickled, she didn't like that so she kept pressing harder until I squirmed from the pain.

From that day on she kept beating me with that weird pointer thing teachers had back then, I'd beg her not to beat me, but that just made her even angrier.

For that whole year she called me worthless, claiming that I would never achieve anything in my life and that I was destined to be a failure. To her, I was nothing but a worthless thing. I didn't dare say anything to her again and endured the beatings for the rest of the year.

I think I'm still scarred over that damn woman, because when a teacher seems to grab something I flinch, or I expect them to say bad things about me when I dont do something right. I'm trying to heal from everything I've been through, it's gonna take a while, but I know that in the end, it will all be worth it.