The Den of Elari

Comforting Dreams

Dreams are weird.

To be honest i do not remember most of my dreams, sometimes i dont dream at all. I just close my eyes and dirift to sleep until i hear that dreaded alarm, 12 Years later and its still waking me up. Im surprised it hasnt stopped working because that thing went through a lot.

When i do dream, its either the most depressing, most beautiful, or weirdest things. For example, sometimes i have dreams where my teeth fall out, i dont know why but it feels as if my own teeth are no longer in my mouth, my teeth hurt and/or feel as if they are being pulled out. Its horrific.

But sometimes these dreams are soothing, like that one dream that i posted on here a month ago or so, the one where i was cuddling with a cute girl. These dreams would've been so comforting if it werent for the sleep paralysis i experience from them. Seriously, this is why i sleep under the bed sheets, im scared of seeing those demons pepole keep talking about online. Noo sir

There was this dream i had last night, a comforting one. In this dream, i was drinking coffee with a cute girl, she had long, dark hair and beautiful brown eyes. Her skin was clean, not a single mark, and she was taller than me... We were sitting side by side, outside on a porch. We spent a couple minutes in silence, absorbing the beautiful scenery around us, thats when she suddenly wrapper her arms around me. I was confused, why is she doing this? then i felt her warm breath blow on my cheek. "i love you," she whispered. Then, she gave me a kiss on the cheek. I closed my eyes and sighed in relief, and then i wrapped my own arms aroung her as well. I felt her soft fingers playing with my hair, it was heavenly.

It felt so real, her soft hands, her words, her eyes, i didnt want it to end. But then i hear the alarm, everything's gone, she was never real.