The Den of Elari

I hate parties

I hate parties so much man.

Never liked interacting with people, so being at parties is my worst nightmare! So i just stay with my parents as an attempt to avoid people

This week i went to this weeding, a civil weeding to be more specific, it was very nice. The bride looked pretty, and her mans seems pretty chill i guess. There was a lot of food, it was pretty good.

Little did i know that this brewed a recipe for disaster, for my parents at least. My stomach started to hurt. A lot. I couldn't bear the pain too long, so i layed my head on the tables, and took a small nap. My understanding, beautiful, loving parents did not like this, so they told the bride that we were gonna leave because i was getting sleepy. Once we were on the road home, i was told that i was never gonna be taken to a party ever again... Wow! Isolation! not like im worried about that, they never took the time to include me in anything when i was younger, why would i be worried about that now?The next day my mom then told me that i ruined the mood, and that... im mentally ill! Okay? if you think im mentally ill, get me therapy then!?

And my mom keeps talking about it! she keeps telling me that it was my fault that we left early... not like i care