The Den of Elari


How on earth are they going to suddenly announce events? They can't even get 70% of their students to do what they're supposed to do!

Well, apparently theres going to be this weird event at the gym! and theyre gonna try to fit us all in there? Oh my goodness, the clausterphobia!

And I can't even go sit at the cafeteria! they force everyone to be in that crowded place! Well, besides that my day has been...alright? The boys in my engineering class are being as obnoxious as always; making monkey noises, fooling around in the workshop, and overall just being annoying! Atleast the boys in my group are normal... i just know the trebuchet were making is gonna be so cool once we're done with it! Maybe i'll post a picture of it here!

I can't wait to graduate from this school, i dont like most of my peers or the teachers... its just some small high school near my home, with a total of about 200 students in one small, crammed brick building. The atmosphere is tiring, everyday i walk the same crowded hallways, go to my classes, do my work, and leave. The same cycle continues for 4 days each week.

I'm grateful for my teachers, I really am! its just that a few of them dont really teach us, they just give us a packet, and expect us to do the work, no explanations or anything, and its so irritiating! You're the teacher, do your job!

I only have two favorite teachers (or three, cant decide). The first one is the engineering teaher! he actually takes his time to make sure we learn, though i do think that the way he grades is a little harsh. The other teacher I like is my AP physics teacher, he tries his best to demonstrate how the laws of physics or whatever works, and its so engaging! But he does say some... out of pocket things at times...