The Den of Elari


I havent been praying much recently

I havent had time to know what, im gonna be honest i've kinda been slacking off a bit, when i pray i sometimes close my eyes and accidentallly fall asleep. I don't know why but when i pray i feel a sense of dizziness.

Every time i pray the 20 decade rosary there always needs to be something thats gonna make me lose track, like my mom yesterday! I'm gonna tell her not to disturb me at 7 to 8 pm because thsts when i pray the most. PLus, its literally the only time of the day when im not worrying about school work, so yeah, im feeling more stressed than before. Isnt that so great!

Um besides that, everything has been the same. Nothing interesting as happened. My confirmation teacher has my phone number an di gave her mine for if I need help with anything. I also got holy water! it was in this little fountain, i never saw it before... i didn't think it was gonna be in the cry room lol.