The Den of Elari


man i hate this school

Today was SAT testing! Oh boy! i cant wait to take something thst i was Forced to do just because? im not in any of those weird electives that require me to take it, YET i was made to. its infuriating

The lady said i had to take it because of some law? okay girl, show me that law then. I want you to pull out an entire law book and show me where it says im supposed to take it. I told my mom about it and how that stupid thing was stressing me out for the past 3 months, but she just said the same thing. to suck it up

But, i tried my best regardless, after all, im taking it for free! plus, this can be an eye opener to see what subjects i need to improve on to get a higher score, especialy the math sections. Im still PISSED about it tho.

Oh, the math sections, they were horrible, the second i saw those graphs my brain just stopped working. If that lady ever comes up to me again in senior year to make me that that horrible thing im just gonna say no thanks. Anyway! Time to use Khan Academy!!