The Den of Elari


Spring break is now over, now its time for me to go to prison again, smh

This spring break was honestly kinda dissapointing! The whole week i was in my room, doing nothing, just the usual, playing pokemon, watching pokemon, praying, walking around to play pokmon go. It got boring so quickly, like i do not like speinding an entire day crammed by walls.

The only good thing that really happened was that my Grandpa came! I havent seen him in 4 years, so im happy to see him. Last time i saw him his hair was very black, not a single white hair strand, but now he hwas little strands of white hair, but its only obvious if you look close enough. He came yesterday! and i gave him a biig hug! He sad i've grown so much since the last time he saw me.

OH, something happened irl, regarding this blog, so someone told the said person about the blog post i made about them, where i was vbaically venting, well i dont know who but they sent them the link to the post about them. I DONT KNOW how they found this blog, but one thing i know for sure its from a 'former' friend of mine. I wonder who it was, ANYWAY, if you were the person who sent that person the link i hope you're having a good day i guess ♡