The Den of Elari


A tornado passed by lol, luckily it didnt hit us

we were on the path of it tho, and there was a chance of hail, so everyone in my family tried to find a place to park their cars. it was crazy lol. I was helping my mom move her plants to a safer place until it suddenly started POURING. I was soaked, the dog was scared of the water lol, so he ran to the porch and just chilled there.

My dad came early, and he also helped park the cars to a safe place. My mom asked for my to help but i told her that i was going to go grab the keys. i grabbed them and opened the door, thats when i got hit with the a very strong wind. i ran back inside because no way im being out there. I couldve gotten blown away!?

eventually everyone else got inside, except my dad. He always does this. Does this man not fear death!?

I wasnt scared until i got in my room, where i suddenly heard the floor move, and the walls felt as if they were getting hit by the wind. i ran to the middle of the home and waited until the winds ceased. But my dad was still outside. eventually he did get back inside like 20 minutes later.

Out city didnt get affected, thank the lord! however one of my friends did get hit by the tornado... i hope they're okay :C