The Den of Elari

Why Dad?

I hate cheaters.

To be more specific, the ones that cheat on their wives and husbands. They are risking their entire relationship just for the thrill without even thinking about the long-term consequences it can have on a person/family. I despise them. Especially after what my father did years ago over that woman…

Yesterday, I was washing the dishes when my brother approached me and asked where my mom was.

“I dont know where she is,” I said

I went back to washing the dishes

“There's something serious we need to talk about, Elari,” I froze, I looked at him with wide eyes

“This is serious, it can change the entire family, if you want, we can talk about it when my parents are asleep”

I spent the rest of the day in denial, What was happening? How bad is it?

I went to my brother's room at around 10:40 PM, Everyone was asleep at that point (except me and my brother, we are night owls.) He proceeded to explain how my dad was probably cheating on my mom again. I had no words to describe how I felt when I heard him say that

Then, he showed me the text messages he had as proof, I felt my blood boil when I saw the name, it was that same woman, the same one my father was head over heels for all those years ago, he's still going at it..

I went to my room feeling devastated. I don't know what to do. My brother says he might confront my dad about these messages. If my brother doesn't get an answer that satisfies him, then he will tell my mom.

I'm worried for my younger brothers man, those poor angels. I dont want them to go through the same things I did :(