The Den of Elari

Mom is at it again

Sometimes she can be a little mean i guess...

I finally started working on my comfirmation teachers rosary! I got all the wire and beads, not the centerpiece tho, still working on that tho. I spent my whole day at school working on it. I managed to get half of it done today despite the heavy workload.

I wanted to show my mom my progress on it, so i went to the kitchen, she was there, with eyeliner. She looked at me for a while until she said something. "Come over here jenny." She then proceeded to put that thing near my eye, i asked her not to put that near my eye, she didn't listen!

"You are a girl! you should like this! Are you not a girl! let me use it on you! you'll look pretty!"

No, leave me alone, no means no!

She got a bit angry, so she forced me against the wall and even grabbed my by the arm to make sure i didn't run to my room! Once she was done she was alll like "You look so pretty!." I immediately took off the eyeliner, and this woman had the nerve to say...

"OH.. are you one of those?" I went to my room and sobbed