The Den of Elari

Dog and Mom

My mom wasnt here most of the day

She had to go into that big city again to go get her passport. It was gonna take a long time for her to get one there, as there is a long line, so she made me take care of my twin brothers and the house for the day.

It wasn't that bad really, i let my twin brothers play on my switch, let them play outside, and we cleaned the house together! I thought this day was gonna be pretty stressful, but im not complaining.

Well, it was fine until our dog ran away. We have no idea where he went... I swear he was here just a couple minutes ago! Where did he go? Please don't tell me we lost him. This always happens with every dog we get, they always run away, or they just dissapear entirely! Anyway, we went searching for him, and no luck, i guess he is gone now :c

Im kinda sad, my dad wants to take us to this restaurant, but i dont wanna go. im sad, i miss the dog, i miss him.