The Den of Elari

Sick again-

Im sick again

I have no medicine, and yes. I am still in pain. I think it's more than just a cold am I cooked!? I hope it's not anything serious I wanna live

I’m still tired. I did NOT want to get up. But I still gotta go to school regardless… if I keep missing days I might go to court 😭. But hey school is almost over! Just 2 weeks away! Woohoo!

No, they added an extra week- we now get out on the 23rd. I- no words honestly-

I hope this stupid sickness goes away man my confirmation is this week! Like- I'm excited but at the same time kind of sad because I'm not going to see my confirmation teacher after this :c Also, my parents said I won't be able to go to church anymore, they seem pretty excited about it but I'm not. Like girls were just getting started.

Also finals are this week for some reason. I dont even know what to think anymore why are they 2 weeks before we leave and not the week we do? I remember when they made our final exams due on the WEEK school was over. These teachers gave us the exams on the LAST DAY just so we wouldn't leave early- Yikes,,,

But hey… were getting closer to senior year- yaaaay. Im taking like 5 college classes sooo idk how its gonna go. But im taking art finally :D! Not taking Art class next year was probably a huge reason why i ended up so stressed this year. I didnt really give myself time to breathe during the school day…

I’m gonna be applying for a job once i get better. Lets hope my anger issues dont come out…

Im just walking around, feeling drained- and then i look up

OH! Suddenly the pain in my chest became unbearable... not a pain of the sickness, but one of heartbreak