The Den of Elari

english essay

I have this genuis idea for my DC English Essay!

So theres this story my professor read to us, I think its called A and P, and our assignment was to write a continuation of the story that took place 10 years later! This has to be one of my favorite assignment from the entire course! I get the freedom to write whatever I want!

So here is the idea! The main character slowly becomes obsessed with the girl, until one day he kills her! But, now he has to get rid of the body.. but how? By turning her into a burger. Right now i am writing the story and might be done by midnight if i dont get distracted lol... My friend is writing hers too! but in her story the main character kills Elvis Presley and the main character basically steals his identity... isnt that so creative!

uhh, besides that, today has been a slay! I'm making a 20 decade rosary for my Comfirmation teacher (she is so pretty did i mention that? like omg i think i might have a small crush on her). I'm gonna try and finish it by the end of the week! because my hands hurt so much because of all the wire... My brothers, my mom, and i went ot In n out and ate, went thrifting, and then we ate enchiladas. yeah today wasn't that eventful, but thats good!