The Den of Elari

Sleep Paralysis is Scary

It only happens when I dream of that girl, every single time without fail.

I've lost sleep over this, I don't wanna wake up in the middle of the night just to feel something pinning me down to the bed, sometimes i feel something poking me in my sleep. I have become too tired, and its not any better because im sick as well. I can't even pray the 20 decade rosary without the urge to sleep.

Idk if I should tell my mom about this? I'm definitely not gonna tell her about the girl, that would be a death sentence! "HEY MOM! I DREAM OF A GIRL, I swear im not gay!" Like? idk what to do man....

But hey! I got my old laptop to work (finally, i just had to beat that thing up). So I'm gonna be posting thins on here without any kind of filters, and ii'll be able to work on this project im doing.

SPEAKING OF PROJECTS! I'm making a new site, but it isnt a blog (i'll make a pokemon themed blog tho that'll be for later). Infact, its a site where i'll be compiling resources, tips, and testimonies on fighting addiction. I call it The WillPower Project! I can't wait to complete it!