The Den of Elari

School, again :c

The workload has become too much for me man

This is what I get for picking al the hard classes. Two college classes, 1 Ap Class, and 1 Honors class. That's like half of my schedule. And My first class of the day is bussiness and we have to do stuff on the computer. no fun!

My history teacher keeps making fun of me because of something i said a couple weeks ago. I was having a bad day yk, and sometimes he asks us how our day was, well, i didnt want to explain it (even to him because hes married to the CORGI COUNSELOR) so i said "it's complicated"

But it was complicated! I have to stress over service hours for church, a ton of tests that are on the way! and missing a class of his and getting suprised with a quiz for the thing i wasn't even there for. The hours i have to do for church piss me off man, im here to become closer to God not to be stressed... Well today I was getting into school and my teacher was at the doorway okay? He was keeping the door opened so i said hi. Wanna know what this bald man said? "You are looking extra complicated today"

OH wanna know something funny? one of my teachers already found out about this blog. I gotta fix my other laptop and fast before i get interrogated because of this.