The Den of Elari


summer break is so boring 😭


Omg getting comfirmed tommorowww

The sickness wont leave

Sick- it wont go away it keeps coming back

I like pokemon

Pokemon, gotta catch them allllll

Sick (its not going away)

Omg comfirmation is almost over

I am sick

My mom made me come to school today man, i cant believe it im drying in here


Last Saturday summary id

Kinder (Vent)

Im still not over it, and my mom scolds me over it.


Dad, i dont get it.

What am I?

Might be 100% gay, or just bi

Dreams (Part 3? idk)

The dreams are making me more touchstarved


The post i was gonna make before the other one

Uh Ohhh

Might be cooked ;_:


Elari lost her ID




A tornado flew around my room the other day (literally)


New Elari Lore, also small details abou dreams


Christ has risen! (also some new lore)

The Doctor

mommys taking me to the doctors


Soccer lol, and a rundown of my day ig

Why do tears taste like salt? (Vent)

no, but seriously why?

Bloody Tampon on the Sidewalk

Jaw dropped, i cant believe it

Back in Prison, smh

Spring break was so boring, worse srping break i've ever had, but i also have an interesting update? If that can even be considered one


thats crazy actually what even is this week

Oh no, its her

the dream girl, she wants more

Font... and updates?

Omg 4 day absence, slay


I feel like Eren Yaeger rn


Lost my 3 month streak on hallow smh


i hate parties.

a ghost?!

at church is crazy tho


School...the source of my stress

Dog (2)

The dog is immortal cuz he came back after being gone for like, a week

Her, again

The girl in my dreams must be angryyy

Senior Year.

I dont want to be a senior next year...


Sometimes i wanna leave and never return

Dog and Mom

Mom went to go get her passport, now the dog is missing!


I have mixed feelings about him. He said he would become a demon, and it became true.

The Closet is Made out of Glass!

Mom almost found out LOL. AT this point this woman probably knowns.

Sleep Paralysis

She appears in my dreams more and more. I don't want her anymore.


The workload has become to much! I wanna [Censored].


Today I went to mass the day didnt start off well tho

The Girl in my dreams

When i dream of her, i feel like something is trying to choke me in my sleep.

First Day of Lent

Why did it have to be on Valentines day tho? Bye God knew what he was doing when it was today. anyways...


have an amazing idea for my english essay! but i think its a bit too graphic

I love church...

My confirmation teacher wasnt there tho :c, though, i think i might have a small crush on her

I don't like it here

Oh mom, when will you realize that the things you say are the reasons as to why I dont talk to you during dinner?

Computer stopped working

COmputer stopped working on me...Will I get a new one? No idea


Who even likes school? Everyone has been forced to go and spend 12 years of their lives there

First Post!

Welcome, My name is Jen! but i also like to be called Elari! here is some background info about me and a summary of my day